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3 Lantern and Fish Tassel Flower Hairpin - Wood

3 Lantern and Fish Tassel Flower Hairpin - Wood

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The lantern hairpin does not have a specific cultural significance in traditional Chinese culture. However, lanterns themselves hold cultural importance and are commonly associated with Chinese traditions and festivals. Here are some general aspects related to lanterns and their cultural significance:

  1. Symbol of Celebration: Lanterns are often used to mark festive occasions and celebrations in Chinese culture. They are associated with joy, happiness, and good fortune. Lantern festivals, such as the Lantern Festival during the Lunar New Year, are popular events where lanterns play a central role.

  2. Warding Off Evil: Lanterns are believed to ward off evil spirits and bring protection and blessings. They are often hung outside homes and temples during festivals to create a positive and auspicious atmosphere.

  3. Symbolism of Light: Lanterns symbolize the illumination of knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom. They represent the hope for a brighter future and are seen as a guiding light in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

  4. Cultural Art and Craftsmanship: Lantern-making is considered an art form in China. Intricate designs and craftsmanship are involved in creating beautiful lanterns. They can be made from various materials, including paper, silk, or even bamboo and are often adorned with colorful decorations and patterns.

Size: 18cm

Weight: 30g

Material: Cloisonne, sandalwood, ceramic, black agate


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