Collection: umbrella

The oil-paper umbrella holds various symbolic meanings in Chinese culture, such as the purple umbrella symbolizing longevity and the white umbrella used in funerals. Additionally, in religious celebrations, oil-paper umbrellas are placed as coverings atop divine palanquins, signifying completeness, protection against the sun and rain, and warding off evil spirits. However, with the advancement of modern technology and changes in lifestyles, oil-paper umbrellas have gradually been replaced by modern umbrellas and are now primarily sold as artworks and souvenirs for tourists.

Beyond their utility and cultural significance, oil-paper umbrellas boast unique craftsmanship and aesthetic value. The traditional production process involves multiple steps, including crafting the umbrella frame, winding the edge lines, mounting the paper, applying persimmon water, folding, sun-drying, painting, handle attachment, tung oil coating, fabric nail setting, handle wrapping, and internal threading. Notably, the Fenshui Oil-paper Umbrella Factory's production technique is regarded by experts as a "living fossil" of Chinese folk umbrella art and is the sole "national-level intangible cultural heritage" in the oil-paper umbrella industry.