Collection: Turquoise jewelry

There are various types of turquoise jewelry, including:

Bracelets: Turquoise bracelets often have a curved upper surface like a ring face, and a flat bottom surface, mostly embedded with metal settings. The number, size, and specific design of the gemstones embedded in the bracelet can be chosen according to personal preferences.

Earrings: Turquoise earrings, including studs, dangles, hoops, and clips, are set with pure gold or pure silver. Earrings come in a variety of shapes and styles, including geometric shapes, petal forms, and animal motifs.

Necklaces: Turquoise necklaces can consist of multiple gemstones directly set in metal settings along a long chain. Some turquoise necklaces have both a pendant and a gemstone fixed together, forming a single piece, known as a turquoise pendant necklace. Many necklaces feature turquoise gemstones strung together in bead-like strands using string or cord.