Collection: pearl jewelry

China has a long and illustrious tradition of wearing and appreciating pearl jewelry for both its aesthetic and symbolic importance. Pearls are a symbol of a long and happy marriage in traditional Chinese culture because of their association with purity, elegance, and femininity.

For more than two millennia, China has been a major exporter of pearls, both freshwater and seawater varieties of which have been known for their exceptional quality. China's Zhuji region in Zhejiang province, the Shanxiahu region in Jiangsu province, and the Beihai region in Guangxi province are some of the country's most renowned pearl-producing areas.

Jewelry made from pearls is not only worn for important events like weddings and anniversaries, but is also a popular accessory in China's fashion industry. Women of various ages wear it, and it's frequently matched with qipao and cheongsam, two classic Chinese dresses. The lucky and prosperous connotations of pearl jewelry make it a favorite present for loved ones.

The Chinese place a great value on pearl jewelry due to its aesthetic appeal, historical relevance, and symbolic meaning.