Collection: Peacock jewelry

The peacock is a symbol of auspiciousness in Chinese culture. As the king of birds, the peacock has three symbolic meanings: first, it represents good luck and good fortune; second, it represents a long and happy marriage; and third, it represents a bright future.

As we all know, it is rare to see a peacock display its beautiful feathers, so in ancient times, the opening of a peacock's tail feathers was seen as a symbol of good luck. Another interpretation is that when a male peacock displays its feathers, it is courting the female, hoping to win her favor. Humans observe this behavior and compare it to the love between husband and wife. In ancient times, government officials would wear clothing embroidered with animal patterns, and even official documents would be decorated with feathers. The peacock is a symbol of power, and when it displays its feathers, it shows a colorful pattern, representing a bright future and prosperity.

Peacock jewelry includes hairpins, rings, pendants, bracelets, and more, made from materials such as sterling silver, alloys, and jade.