Collection: Dragon and phoenix jewelry

Dragon and phoenix are two of the most powerful and auspicious creatures in Chinese culture, and their combination in jewelry is often used to represent a happy and healthy relationship. The dragon stands for might, fortuitousness, and good fortune, while the phoenix is a symbol of grace, beauty, and rebirth. Together, they represent the harmony of yin and yang, as well as the ancient union of the Emperor and Empress.

The dragon is revered in Chinese mythology as the heavenly guardian and a symbol of good fortune, success, and prosperity. On the other hand, the phoenix represents rebirth and fresh starts because of the beauty and grace it embodies in its resurrection from the dead.

In jewelry, the male and female symbols, the dragon and phoenix, are often depicted as opposites, with the dragon on the left and the phoenix on the right. It's a common symbol of love and commitment given to newlyweds because it represents the equilibrium and harmony that can exist between two people.

In sum, dragon and phoenix jewelry is a well-liked and significant symbol in Chinese culture, signifying a couple's coming together in peace and harmony and the expectation of a long and fruitful life together.