Collection: Chinese hat

There are various traditional Chinese hats, and here are some common examples:

The "Liuhetong unified hat," also known as the "small hat," consists of six connected panels. It is made from materials like velvet, felt, silk, horsehair, and human hair. It was worn by people ranging from the emperor to commoners. The "qingyi small hat" was often a symbol associated with servants and was less affected by the historical practice of head-shaving and changing hairstyles, persisting into modern times.

The "Square Settling kerchief," known as the "square kerchief," represents the attire of Ming Dynasty literati and aristocrats. It could be worn straight or diagonally. The diagonal wearing style was considered somewhat unconventional among traditional scholars.

The "Da Mao" is a hat that originated from ethnic minority clothing but was modified by the Han Chinese according to their traditional aesthetic. Generally made from materials like bamboo strips and felt, it was later introduced to the Korean Peninsula, evolving into the distinctive square-top "black hat" seen in Korean clothing.

The "Xiao Guan" is typically made from materials like gold, jade, amber, and precious woods and is used to fasten the hair bun. It comes in various shapes like the "Five Beams" or "Seven Beams."