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Zhuge Liang Bagua Jade Chinese knot Pendant with tassels 3 layer goose feather fan

Zhuge Liang Bagua Jade Chinese knot Pendant with tassels 3 layer goose feather fan

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The Bagua Jade Chinese knot pendant and the goose feather fan are two distinct items in Chinese culture:

  1. Bagua Jade Chinese Knot Pendant: The Bagua symbol is a key element in Chinese culture and represents the eight trigrams of the I Ching (Book of Changes). It is believed to bring protection, luck, and harmony. A Bagua Jade Chinese knot pendant combines the Bagua symbol with the traditional Chinese decorative knotting technique. It is often made of jade, a revered stone in Chinese culture known for its beauty and symbolism of good fortune and prosperity. People wear the Bagua Jade Chinese knot pendant as a personal accessory or hang it in their homes for its auspicious qualities.

  2. Goose Feather Fan: The goose feather fan is a traditional Chinese fan made from the feathers of geese. It is a delicate and elegant hand-held accessory used for various purposes. Goose feather fans were historically associated with nobility and were often used by emperors, officials, and scholars. They were not only practical for cooling oneself in hot weather but also served as a status symbol and fashion accessory. The art of fan dancing is also prevalent in Chinese culture, with performers skillfully manipulating and displaying the fans in dance routines.

Both the Bagua Jade Chinese knot pendant and the goose feather fan have cultural significance in China and are appreciated for their aesthetic beauty and symbolic meanings. They represent different aspects of Chinese heritage and craftsmanship.

Material: Three layers of goose feather


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