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Southern Red Agate Fox Tassel Ring -Sterling Silver

Southern Red Agate Fox Tassel Ring -Sterling Silver

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Southern Red Agate: Southern Red Agate, also known as "Nan Hong Yu" in Chinese, is a rare and precious gemstone with a captivating deep red or reddish-brown color. It is sourced mainly from Yunnan Province in China and is highly valued for its beauty and scarcity. The Southern Red Agate used in the ring adds a touch of elegance and luxury.
Fox Tassel Design: The ring's highlight is the intricate fox tassel design. The fox, known for its cunning and intelligence in folklore, is often associated with cleverness, adaptability, and agility. The tassel adds a sense of movement and playfulness to the ring, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance.
Craftsmanship: The ring is likely handcrafted, showcasing the skill and expertise of the jewelry maker. Handcrafted jewelry often carries a sense of artistry and individuality, making each piece a work of wearable art.
Symbolism: The fox, in various cultures, is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, cunning, and transformation. In some traditions, it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. When combined with the rich red color of the Southern Red Agate, the ring may carry additional symbolic meanings related to passion, vitality, and protection.

Pattern: Fox, Double Happiness, Transit Symbol

Material: s925 Sterling Silver, Southern Red Agate

Weight: 7.8g

Size: Adjustable


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Silver Jewelry Maintenance Tips

  • The best way to maintain silver jewelry is to wear it regularly.
  • Avoid exposing it to seawater, hot springs, and sulfur soap.
  • If it turns black or yellow due to oxidation, the easiest way to clean it is to use a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Traditional methods such as using a silver polishing cloth or a silver polishing stick can also restore it.
  • When not wearing it, wipe it dry with a cotton cloth or tissue, and store it in a sealed bag to isolate it from the air.
  • For most people, wearing silver jewelry makes it increasingly shiny, but for a few people, it may turn black, which is a normal reaction.
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