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seedpod of the lotus Fish Open Bracelet - Sterling Silver

seedpod of the lotus Fish Open Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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In China, the seedpod of the lotus flower has a rich cultural and symbolic meaning. The lotus flower itself is an important symbol in Chinese culture, representing purity, enlightenment, and the Buddhist ideal of detachment from the material world. The seedpod of the lotus is seen as a continuation of this symbolism, with its own unique meanings and associations.

One of the main meanings of the lotus seedpod in China is fertility and regeneration. The lotus plant is known for its ability to grow in muddy and murky waters, yet still produce beautiful flowers. The seedpod represents the ability to create new life and beauty out of challenging circumstances. It is also associated with the idea of rebirth and renewal, as the seeds within the pod have the potential to grow into new lotus plants.

Fish holds great cultural significance in China and is considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance. The pronunciation of the Chinese word for fish, "yu," sounds similar to the word for abundance, "yu," which is why fish is often served during Chinese New Year and other celebrations as a way of wishing for good fortune and prosperity.

In addition to being a symbol of abundance, fish also represents perseverance, unity, and good luck in Chinese culture. The way fish swim together in schools is seen as a symbol of unity and teamwork, while their ability to swim against strong currents is seen as an example of perseverance.

Overall, fish is a highly valued and respected animal in China, and its symbolism is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and traditions.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Weight: 36 g

Size: adjustable opening


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