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Hand-woven bamboo fruit dustpan Dim sum dish

Hand-woven bamboo fruit dustpan Dim sum dish

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Hand-woven bamboo fruit dustpan dim sum dish is a traditional and practical utensil used in Asian cuisine. Made from natural bamboo, this dustpan-shaped dish is intricately woven by hand, resulting in a lightweight and durable product.

The design of the dish features a wide, shallow shape with a raised edge, making it perfect for serving dim sum, small bites, or fruits. The woven bamboo construction allows for proper ventilation, keeping the food fresh and preventing condensation from accumulating.

The hand-woven bamboo adds a touch of natural beauty to the dining table, creating an authentic and rustic ambiance. It showcases the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of bamboo weaving, which has been passed down through generations.

This versatile dish is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It is easy to clean and maintain, as bamboo is naturally resistant to stains and odors. Its lightweight nature makes it convenient to carry and serve food.

Whether used for serving dim sum, displaying fruits, or as a decorative piece, the hand-woven bamboo fruit dustpan dim sum dish adds a touch of elegance and tradition to any dining experience.

Material: Bamboo

Size: Length 23cm, Width 16cm, Height 5cm


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