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China Xiangdao Furnace Bottle San Shi Xiangdao Set Group

China Xiangdao Furnace Bottle San Shi Xiangdao Set Group

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"Xiangdao" is a time-honored traditional Chinese art of living. It involves various aspects such as recognizing scents, engaging the senses, mastering incense techniques, and practicing incense rituals in a structured manner. Through these processes, it allows individuals to experience and gain profound insights into life, elevating it to a refined form of spiritual cultivation. Xiangdao not only soothes the senses and nurtures the body and mind but also has the potential to cleanse impurities, promote well-being, and nourish the spirit.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, there is a custom of hanging scented pouches and wearing artemisia (mugwort) leaves. The human inclination for fragrance is an inherent trait, as scents have the power to stimulate the mind and elevate the spirit. In the realm of tangible and intangible, fragrance plays a remarkable role in harmonizing the body and mind, opening the senses, and bringing about a sense of inner peace. Its applications are boundless.

Material: Ceramic


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Made from bronze,Jade,silver, silk,Rosewood, Pearl,gold, or alloy. 

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  • Avoid exposing it to seawater, hot springs, and sulfur soap.
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  • Traditional methods such as using a silver polishing cloth or a silver polishing stick can also restore it.
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  • For most people, wearing silver jewelry makes it increasingly shiny, but for a few people, it may turn black, which is a normal reaction.
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