What Is Jewelry Of Ancient Queens In China?

What Is Jewelry Of Ancient Queens In China?

Royal jewelry can be considered one of the most common accessories in ancient times. It was used by the daughters of the palace. In the ancient court, royal jewelry has always been widely recognized and cherished, especially during the emperor's wedding celebrations, where it played a significant role. So, what types of royal jewelry are there? Let me introduce several kinds of royal jewelry below.


Gold and Silver Jewelry:

There are various styles of gold and silver jewelry, including gold and silver necklaces, gold and silver earrings, diamond jewelry, and more. Among them, there is a type called "gold inlaid with jade," which features combinations of gold, silver, and precious stones. The colors of these metals are rich, including black, yellow, green-yellow, and others. The combination of gold and silver with precious stones creates stunning and beautiful pieces.


Silver Bracelets:

Silver bracelets are considered one of the most common types of ancient jewelry and are still very popular today. They come in various materials, such as silver, silver, gold, and jade. In ancient times, silver was frequently used in many types of jewelry, including silver, silver, gold, and jade.


Gold Bracelets:

Gold bracelets were highly popular in ancient times and remain in demand, especially among young people today. Wearing a gold bracelet can enhance one's status and position.


Gold Bangles:

Gold bangles were also popular in ancient times, but they are still widely favored today. Nowadays, young people particularly enjoy wearing gold bangles, which were relatively rare in ancient times compared to other types of jewelry. In ancient times, silver and silver bracelets were more common, including bracelets, gold bangles, and jade bangles, all of which were highly appreciated. However, in ancient times, there was a wider variety of jewelry that might not be as popular today.


In ancient times, the names of the gifts given in the imperial harem are recorded in various historical texts like "Records of the Grand Historian," "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," and others. The following are some examples of the gifts:


"Records of the Grand Historian":

In the Han Dynasty, there was a type of jade hairpin called "Yuzan." The production of this hairpin was based on ancient jade artifacts, reflecting the Chinese people's love and appreciation for jade. In "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the term "ancient jade artifact" refers to jade material. The appearance of such "ancient jade artifacts" represents an essential aspect of Chinese cultural development and the embodiment of traditional culture and historical development.


"Records of the Grand Historian":

In the Han Dynasty, there were various forms of "ancient jade artifacts," which referred to ancient jade objects used for decoration. These jade artifacts took forms such as jade cong, jade rings, jade beads, and more, displaying strong aesthetic value. "Ancient jade artifacts" hold a crucial position in China's cultural history, representing an integral part of traditional Chinese culture.


"Records of the Grand Historian":

In the Qing Dynasty, the production of "ancient jade artifacts" was mainly based on jade materials. These jade artifacts were mostly ancient bronzes and ancient jade pieces. They were highly valued in the imperial treasury, and their shapes differed from "antique utensils and tools," holding significant importance in the imperial family. The value of these "ancient jade artifacts" was quite high during the Qing Dynasty.


Regarding jewelry materials:


In jewelry, platinum is the most well-known and beloved material, and it is highly popular in the market. The materials commonly used for jewelry in the market include:


Gold jewelry: Gold is a popular material for making jewelry, and its price is relatively affordable. Gold is known for its stability and high purity, making it less prone to damage.

Silver jewelry: Silver is a preferred material for making jewelry due to its softness and good ductility, allowing it to complement other harder materials. It is also popular among consumers.

Diamond jewelry: Diamonds are common and highly valued in jewelry due to their high hardness and rarity, making them less susceptible to scratching.

Pearl jewelry: Pearl jewelry, with various shapes and styles, is also a favorite choice among consumers.

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