Lotus Moon Hairpin: A Thousand-Year Love

Lotus Moon Hairpin: A Thousand-Year Love

Chapter One: The Mysterious Village of Lotus Moon

In the distant East, there is a small village called Lotus Moon, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by green waters. The village is named after a clear lake in the center, where countless beautiful lotus flowers grow. On the night of the full moon, the bright moonlight shines on the lake, reflecting the lotus flowers, creating a stunning scene. The villagers live harmoniously, making a living from fishing and farming, and everything here appears tranquil and peaceful.


Chapter Two: The Birth of Wan'er

In an ordinary household in Lotus Moon Village, a baby girl named Wan'er was born. She was born with a beautiful appearance, with skin as fair as jade and clear eyes. When Wan'er's mother gave birth to her, she dreamt of a celestial maiden in the Moon Palace holding a lotus moon hairpin, gently inserting it into Wan'er's hair. Therefore, from a young age, Wan'er had a special affection for lotus flowers and the moon.

Chapter Three: Discovery of the Hairpin

When Wan'er was ten years old, she accidentally discovered a silver hairpin inserted in the lotus flowers by the lake while playing by the lakeside. The hairpin was carved with a lifelike lotus flower, with a small moon embedded in the center. Wan'er was deeply attracted by its beauty and gently inserted the hairpin into her long hair, immediately feeling a cool breeze flowing through her body.

Chapter Four: Magical Transformation

Since wearing the lotus moon hairpin, Wan'er became even more beautiful and enchanting, and her singing voice became more melodious. Whenever she stood by the lake, gently combing her long hair and singing melodious songs, she would attract many villagers to come and listen. The lotus flowers in the lake and the moon in the sky seemed to be intoxicated by her singing, swaying with the wind and casting silver light.

Chapter Five: The Mysterious Legend

As time passed, Wan'er's beauty and singing voice spread throughout the village. People speculated that the lotus moon hairpin must have an extraordinary origin. Thus, a mysterious legend about the hairpin began to circulate in the village. It was said that the hairpin was dropped by a celestial maiden from the heavens. The celestial maiden fell in love with a handsome young man she met in the mortal world, but their love was not accepted by the heavens. The celestial maiden was forced to return to the heavens, leaving the hairpin to the young man as a token of their love.

Chapter Six: Meeting Zixuan

On a moonlit night, Wan'er was singing by the lake when a handsome young man was drawn to her voice. He approached Wan'er and softly said, "Your singing is like celestial music, it enchants me." Wan'er looked up and saw the clear eyes of the young man, as if seeing her own reflection in his eyes. This young man, named Zixuan, came from a distant kingdom. His purpose was to search for the legendary treasure. And Wan'er was the unexpected encounter on his treasure-seeking journey.

Chapter Seven: Getting to Know Each Other

Wan'er and Zixuan confided in each other about their stories, discovering remarkable similarities in their interests, hobbies, and values. They strolled together by the moonlit lake, admiring the beauty of the blooming lotus flowers. Wan'er often wore the lotus moon hairpin, singing moving songs for Zixuan. And Zixuan would tell Wan'er stories from afar, filling her with curiosity and longing for that mysterious world. They supported each other and spent many joyful moments together.

Chapter Eight: Test of Love

However, happiness is always short-lived. One day, Zixuan suddenly told Wan'er that he had found the location of the legendary treasure and had to leave the village to search for it. Although Wan'er was reluctant, she knew about Zixuan's mission and pursuit. So, she silently blessed Zixuan a safe journey. On the night Zixuan left, Wan'er came to the lake alone, wearing the lotus moon hairpin, singing farewell songs for Zixuan. Moonlight fell on Wan'er, and the lotus flowers gently swayed to her singing. Her voice, like celestial music, pierced through the night sky and reached Zixuan's ears. Hearing Wan'er's singing in the distance, Zixuan's heart was filled with emotion and longing. He knew that no matter where he went, Wan'er's voice and the lotus moon hairpin would accompany him forever. He was determined to find the treasure, then return to Wan'er's side, and spend the rest of his life with her.

Chapter Nine: Treasure and Return

After enduring numerous hardships, Zixuan finally found the legendary treasure. However, when he returned to Lotus Moon Village with the treasure in hand, he discovered that Wan'er had already left the village, and he didn't know where she had gone. Zixuan felt a sense of loss and regret in his heart, knowing that he had lost the most precious thing. He searched everywhere for Wan'er's whereabouts, but to no avail. In despair, Zixuan returned to the lakeside once again, where he saw the lotus flowers in the lake and the moon in the sky, as if seeing Wan'er's figure. He suddenly remembered the legend about the hairpin and was filled with a strong belief: Wan'er must still be in this world, and he must find her.

Chapter Ten: Reunion and Vows

Fate never disappoints those with a true heart. On a moonlit night, Zixuan finally found Wan'er by the lake. They embraced tightly, tears streaming down their cheeks. Wan'er told Zixuan that she had left the village because she missed him, but she could never forget their love. Now, she was willing to return to the village with Zixuan and start their life anew. Zixuan held Wan'er's hand tightly, saying affectionately, "No matter how many hardships lie ahead, I am willing to walk hand in hand with you. You are the most precious treasure in my life." From then on, Wan'er and Zixuan lived a happy life in Lotus Moon Village. They took care of the lotus flowers by the lake together, admiring the beautiful moonlight. And the lotus moon hairpin became a witness to their love, accompanying them through every beautiful night.

Chapter Eleven: Heritage and Guardianship

As time passed, Wan'er and Zixuan's story became a timeless legend in Lotus Moon Village. Their love was regarded as the guardian deity of the village, blessing the villagers with peace and happiness. And the lotus moon hairpin was considered a treasure of the village, passed down from generation to generation. Every woman who wore the hairpin became beautiful and enchanting, with a melodious voice. They used their singing and beauty to carry on the love story of Wan'er and Zixuan, guarding the harmony and tranquility of Lotus Moon Village.

Chapter Twelve: Eternal Vows

Nowadays, whenever night falls, the villagers can always hear the clear and melodious singing, as if the moonlight and lotus flowers are intoxicated by their voices. And the love story of Wan'er and Zixuan has become the eternal memory of Lotus Moon Village. They used their love and faith to interpret what true love and guardianship mean. Their story will forever be sung in Lotus Moon Village, becoming an eternal legend.

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