How To Attract Wealth Feng Shui In China?

How To Attract Wealth Feng Shui In China?

Wealth attraction, as the name suggests, refers to attracting wealth or financial prosperity. In traditional Chinese culture and folk beliefs, wealth attraction is often associated with feng shui, lucky charms, talismans, and other methods aimed at enhancing one’s financial luck and drawing in more wealth and good fortune.


Why Attract Wealth

The motivation for attracting wealth varies from person to person but is generally related to the following needs and desires:


  1. Economic Security and Quality of Life:The most direct motivation for attracting wealth is to improve one’s economic capacity and quality of life. Increased wealth provides a more stable economic foundation, ensuring a higher standard of living and more lifestyle choices.
  2. Achieving Dreams and Goals:Many people have dreams and goals, such as starting a business, traveling, pursuing education, or other personal aspirations, which require financial support. Wealth attraction can help individuals achieve these dreams by providing the necessary funding for personal growth and development.
  3. Coping with Future Uncertainty:Life is full of uncertainties, such as health issues, family changes, economic fluctuations, etc. Having more wealth can provide a layer of financial security for these uncertain situations, offering more options when facing difficulties.
  4. Social Status and Recognition:In some societies, wealth is seen as a symbol of success and social status. Attracting wealth can elevate one’s economic status and bring social recognition and respect.
  5. Helping Others: With more wealth, people are better positioned to help those in need through donations, sponsorships, or other forms of charity.
  6. Investment and Financial Management:Attracting wealth also means having more funds available for investment and financial management, leading to asset growth and preservation.
  7. Psychological Satisfaction:For many, possessing wealth also brings a sense of psychological satisfaction and security.


Who Needs to Attract Wealth

Wealth attraction is not limited to a specific group of people but is broadly applicable to anyone who wishes to improve their economic situation, achieve financial goals, or increase financial security. Here are some examples of people who might need to attract wealth:


  1. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Those in the early stages of starting a business or running a small business often face financial constraints and the need to expand their operations. Attracting wealth can help them secure more resources and opportunities, promoting business development.
  2. Professionals:For those looking to advance in their careers, wealth attraction can mean more promotion opportunities, higher salaries, or better career prospects.
  3. Investors and Financial Managers:For those involved in the stock market, real estate, or other investment fields, wealth attraction often relates to increasing investment returns and optimizing investment portfolios.
  4. Homemakers or Primary Breadwinners: The economic situation of a household directly affects the quality of life and future planning. Wealth attraction can mean better living conditions and more family savings for homemakers or primary breadwinners.
  5. People with Dreams and Pursuits:Whether their dream is to travel the world, delve deep into a field of study, or pursue other personal goals, these endeavors require a financial foundation. Wealth attraction can help such individuals achieve their dreams faster.
  6. Those Wishing to Improve Quality of Life: For those aiming to enhance their quality of life and enjoy better services and living environments, wealth attraction is a practical approach.
  7. Individuals Under Economic Pressure: Facing various economic pressures such as mortgage, education costs, medical expenses, etc., wealth attraction can mean alleviating financial burdens and increasing financial security.


In general, almost everyone can benefit from wealth attraction because increased wealth typically means more choices, higher living standards, and stronger economic security. However, it is important to maintain balance and ethical standards in the pursuit of wealth, avoiding excessive materialism and recognizing other important values in life.


Items that Attract Wealth 

Wealth-attracting items are numerous, encompassing various objects with symbolic significance and practical effectiveness. Here are some common wealth-attracting items:


  1. Pixiu:A traditional Chinese auspicious creature believed to attract wealth and ward off evil spirits. Pixiu should be placed facing a door or window to better absorb financial energy.
  2. Money Frog:A symbol of wealth, often depicted as a large frog with an open mouth, symbolizing the absorption of wealth. The placement is crucial: a money frog holding a coin in its mouth should face inward to bring wealth into the home, while a frog without a coin should face outward to attract external financial energy.
  3. Feng Shui Wheel:A common wealth-attracting decoration symbolizing continuous flow and wealth. It should not be placed behind sofas or in positions conflicting with stoves.
  4. Kirin:An auspicious mythical beast believed to bring wealth and ward off evil. Placing a Kirin statue at home not only brings good fortune but also dispels negative energy.
  5. Dragon Turtle: Another mythical creature, said to bring good luck and wealth while resolving conflicts and reducing negativity. It should be placed in a wealth position to enhance financial fortune.
  6. Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat):A Japanese symbol of good luck, with the left paw raised for fortune and the right paw for wealth. It's a beloved item due to its cute appearance and positive symbolism.
  7. Ingots and Coins: Symbols of ancient currency closely associated with wealth. They can be used as decorations or worn to attract financial luck.
  8. Cabbage: In Chinese, "cabbage" (白菜) sounds like "hundred wealth" (百财), symbolizing gathering and attracting wealth. Cabbage-shaped art pieces or decorations are considered wealth attractors.
  9. Fish:Symbolizing abundance and wealth in Chinese culture. Keeping fish or displaying fish-shaped decorations is believed to attract wealth, especially the goldfish, which is directly associated with financial prosperity.


Additionally, items such as the God of Wealth statues, Fortune Children figurines, stone lions, Five Emperor Coins, and Eight Trigrams mirrors are also considered to have wealth-attracting properties. Each of these items has unique meanings and placement guidelines, requiring careful selection based on individual circumstances and preferences.


Feng Shui Methods for Attracting Wealth

Feng Shui methods to enhance wealth can be summarized as follows:

In traditional Chinese culture, Feng Shui is a way for people to pursue harmonious living and prosperity. Elements such as sunlight, air, water, color, and plants are seen as closely related to our fortunes. When aiming to enhance financial luck, we can adjust our home environment from these aspects.

Sunlight is one of the purest and warmest energies in nature. Keeping the home well-lit with natural sunlight not only boosts the residents' mood but also symbolizes the arrival of good fortune and financial prosperity. The first rays of sunlight in the morning bring new hope and opportunities. Therefore, good lighting is an important consideration when choosing a house.

Air circulation is equally important. A stuffy, poorly ventilated environment can cause discomfort and may affect the health of the residents. In Feng Shui, air circulation represents smooth financial flow. Regularly opening windows to keep indoor air fresh helps maintain positive energy flow in the home, promoting financial luck.

Wealth positions in the home are critical for attracting wealth. These positions should be well-lit and appropriately decorated with items symbolizing wealth, such as gold ingots or ancient coins, to enhance financial luck. Adequate lighting in these areas helps attract more financial energy.

Placing a God of Wealth statue at home is another effective method. The God of Wealth is a deity in Chinese culture believed to bring good luck and wealth. A God of Wealth statue not only increases positive energy in the home but also brings blessings and financial prosperity.

Water symbolizes wealth and flow in Feng Shui. Setting up a small water feature, such as a fish tank or a flowing water decoration, can effectively enhance financial luck. Clear, flowing water symbolizes the removal of negative energy and the continuous influx of wealth into the home.


Color choices also play a key role in attracting wealth. Gold and red are colors representing wealth and prosperity. Integrating these colors into home decor adds a touch of richness and good fortune.

Maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing home is crucial. A cluttered home can obstruct positive energy flow. Keeping the home clean and organized allows good luck and wealth to enter smoothly.

Lastly, a reasonable home layout is essential. Ensuring wide internal pathways and logically placed furniture enhances both comfort and positive energy flow in the home.

In conclusion, by adjusting elements like sunlight, air, water, colors, and plants in our living environment, and maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing home, we can effectively enhance financial luck. However, it's important to remember that these methods serve more as psychological support and supplementary measures. True wealth is created through our own efforts and wisdom.









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